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Cross Border Financial & Investment Planning Webinar
Pacifica Partners
The Crossborder Financial & Investment Planning Seminar is specifically designed to address the unique issues faced by Canadian Expats in the USA. . . . keep reading

Gold Enthusiasts: Still Waiting for Inflation
Pacifica Partners
One of the underlying premises of the investment merits of gold is that "reckless government printing of money" is debasing paper currencies and this will ultimately lead to runaway inflation. While the theory sounds reasonable, the problem is that the facts do not back up this inflationary thesis -- so far. . . . keep reading

Pacifica Partners TV interview on BNN
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
Pacifica Partners' President and Chief Investment Officer, AJ Sull, was interviewed today on Business News Network. Topics of discussion included our current asset allocation and stocks into which we would possibly deploy our cash reserves. . . . keep reading

Gulf Oil Spill - Tragic Spill May Result in Tragic Policy
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
Finally, for BP and its shareholders, there is another aspect to consider. What would happen if BP bows to pressure from politicians to eliminate their dividend until all damages have been paid? . . . keep reading

Investors Shaken as PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) Bring out the Bears
By Pacifica Partners
The financial mess that has engulfed Europe has caused a lot of bears to come out of the woodwork and individual investors are rattled by the rise in volatility. What is interesting is that up until a little over a month ago, complacency was rampant and warning signs were being ignored . . . keep reading

CPP & Social Security for Canadian Expats
Pacifica Partners
Valuable information on Canada pension and social security plans from Pacifica Partners. . . . keep reading

Greece's Debt Crisis Shakes Investor Complacency
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
Over the last several months, the world has watched the events in Europe unfold with a sense of disbelief mixed in with a measure of anxiety. The disbelief comes from the fact that many investors must be asking themselves how the world could be confronting yet another credit crisis -- when we just seemed to be finished papering over the last one. . . . keep reading

Canada's Housing Bubble: It's NOT Different This Time
By Pacifica Partners
During the depth of the financial crisis, the political appetite to rein in perceived excesses in various segments of the economy was significant. . . . keep reading

Interest Rates Rising - Faster Than You Might Have Noticed
By Pacifica Partners
It is amazing how little attention is being paid to the rapid rise in interest rates in the US Treasury bond market. Given its potential to upset the mortgage market and impact the economy, investors might want to pay attention to the US Treasury market. . . . keep reading

O, Canada: Banks Look Healthier
By John Jannarone WSJ
The hunt for profitable banks in America has left many pockets empty. Would a snow shovel clear the way to more lucrative prospects? . . . keep reading

Bernanke or Obama: Who Should Get Credit for Stabilizing the Economy?
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
Watching the Sunday morning talk shows on the US networks is always an entertaining experience for the politically inclined . . . keep reading

Home Financing Solutions for Canadians
Courtesy of RBC Bank
Home Financing Solutions for Canadians . . . keep reading

Banking in the U.S.
Courtesy of RBC Bank USA
Banking differences between Canada and the United States - there are many! . . . keep reading

RRSPs for U.S. Resident Expats
Paul Bains Pacifica Partners
Several changes have been made recently to the Canada -- United States Tax Treaty that impact the growing Expat community in the U.S. The recent changes are referred to as the Fifth Protocol changes. . . . keep reading

Cross Border Financial Planning: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead
Paul Bains MBA CIM CFP
Expatriates often underestimate how complicated planning their cross-border move can be. We often find that there are several simple steps that if taken before a move, . . . keep reading

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