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Leaving Canada for the USA? Don't Forget to Save US Tax on Your Canadian Investments
By Marc Gedeon
Canadian residents who emigrate from Canada are generally deemed to have disposed of their capital property equal to the fair market value on the date of emigration, with any resulting gain or loss subject to Canadian tax ("Departure Tax"). . . . keep reading

Canadian Wealth Management Firm Creates Partnership with Non-profit Business Council in California to Foster Growth Opportunities within the U.S. and Canada
The Canada California Business Council and Cardinal Point Wealth Management have announced a new partnership. . . . keep reading

Canadian Housing-Bubble Chart Book
By Pacifica Partners
Canadian real estate bulls have continued to cite the fact that real estate valuations have appeared "expensive" for years, yet, the momentum has continued to take prices higher. Real estate bears, on the other hand, claim that home prices have been so stretched from fundamental valuations that past price momentum is irrelevant. . . . keep reading

Canadian Expat Tax & Financial Planning Webinar 2012
By Pacifica Partners
A free event! . . . keep reading

What Should Canadians Consider Before Purchasing US Real Estate?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
Canadians have been making their presence known in the US real estate market for years. This is due to a combination of historically low financing options, the strength of the Canadian Dollar and because of a correction in the US real estate market. Interestingly, Canadians are the largest purchasers of US real estate outside of Americans. . . . keep reading

Part 4: Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
How does one recalibrate their risk management strategy when moving from the U.S. to Canada? This is an interesting financial planning scenario that must be addressed. . . . keep reading

Part 3: Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
Canadian and American citizens move across the 49th parallel for education, employment and retirement reasons. Clearly, many overt similarities exist between the two countries and their citizens. However, the tax systems operate under unique mandates. . . . keep reading

Part 2: Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
It is important to plan ahead when exiting the U.S. for Canada. Failing to do so can be costly both in terms time and money. Aside from the logistics of a move, one must also consider retirement planning, deferred compensation arrangements, currency conversion, the Canada U.S. Tax Treaty, insurance needs and estate planning . . . keep reading

Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
A move to Canada from the United States is not as simple as many individuals and their advisors believe. Misconceptions exist due to a lack of experience and training. There are a variety of reasons for emigrating to or moving back to Canada. . . . keep reading

Part Four: Preparing to Exit Canada for the United States?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
It is important to have an experienced cross-border attorney analyze an existing estate plan prior to a move. In like manner, a U.S. cross-border attorney and a Canadian cross-border attorney are often consulted when assets remain on both sides of the border. . . . keep reading

Investment Compass: Quarterly Investment Newsletter
Courtesy of Pacific Partners
Pacifica Partners quarterly newsletter focuses on Europe, earnings and expectations. . . . keep reading

Current Market Conditions Update
By John McCord Cardinal Point Wealth Management
The S&P 500 is down approximately 13% during the past three weeks and we have experienced 4%-7% daily market swings the past four days. European and Asian markets have not fared any better as most have experienced even steeper losses. Clearly, periodic retrenchments do not bode well for investor confidence. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? . . . keep reading

Canadian Real Estate - the ignored Election Issue
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
As Canadians go through yet another election, politicians of all stripes are busy dusting off campaign slogans, attack ads and policy books. . . . keep reading

Five Most Crossborder Investment & Financial Planning Issues Procrastinated Over
Courtesy of Naveen Gopal, Pacifica Partners
When Canadians expatriate to the US, or when Americans expatriate to Canada, there are common investments-related challenges that commonly arise. In our experience with clientele, some of these are procrastinated over for several years before action is taken. . . . keep reading

Understanding Key Differences between the Canada Pension Plan and Social Security
By Paul Bains, Pacifica Partners
One of the most common questions we receive from cross-border investors relates to how they may reconcile between their CPP and SS benefits.  . . . keep reading

Canadian Owners of American Property
By Adam D. Cappelli, Partner, Cambridge LLP
If you own assets situated in the United States it is important to consider how much foreign property may impact your broader estate plan. There are many issues that make U.S. situated property an asset for which specific planning is necessary. Among these issues are U.S. estate administration costs, probate fees and U.S. estate taxes. . . . keep reading

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