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How Canadians Save Taxes While Working in the U.S.
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
At Gedeon Law & CPA, we regularly work with clients from Canada who come to work in the U.S. on a temporary basis. By temporary, we mean a work assignment generally lasting 2 years or less. . . . keep reading

Investors Seeing the other Face of Emerging Markets
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
Over the last several years, investors became accustomed to the belief that the influence of the U.S. economy and its policies on the emerging markets nations was waning. The emerging markets countries include the well-publicized BRICs group of countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) but also nations such as Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa. . . . keep reading

Press Release: Cardinal Point Wealth Management Inc. Acquires Seabank Capital Management Inc.
Courtesy of Cardinal Point Wealth Management
Cardinal Point Wealth Management, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Seabank Capital Management Inc. With the addition of Seabank Capital, Cardinal Point continues to establish itself as the leading provider of cross-border wealth management solutions for residents of Canada and the United States. . . . keep reading

Beware US Estate Tax When Your Spouse Is Not A US Citizen
By Marc Gedeon
Are you a US taxpayer married to a non US citizen spouse? If yes, then you'll want to be aware of the US estate tax rules that can result in a sizable tax bill absent the right cross border estate planning. . . . keep reading

Canada & the USA, a Tale of Two Economies
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
When two countries are as interconnected as Canada and the US, it is often the case that their respective economic circumstances are at least somewhat similar. For these two North American neighbors, however, their economies and stock markets have diverged considerably over recent months. . . . keep reading

US Tax on Inherited Canadian Property
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
Question: I am a US resident and my parents back in Canada left some property for me in Canada when they died in early 2012. I sold the property in 2012. What are the tax consequences of inheriting and selling this Canadian property? . . . keep reading

Cross Border Financial Planning Video
Courtesy of the Pacifica Partners
This was the first of a 3 part video series. . . . keep reading

The Buying Power of Gold
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
With a decade of surging gold prices behind us and a more recent period of weakness that has sent bullion back to mid-2011 levels, investors are left wondering what to do. . . . keep reading

Not all Stock Buybacks are Created Equal
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
To an income oriented investor, today's low interest rates are proving to be a challenge. The "easy money" policies of most central banks have driven interest rates "lower for longer" and created a demand for income oriented equities. . . . keep reading

Repaying Home Buyer Plan (HBP) and Non-Residents
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
At Gedeon Law & CPA, we've worked with many Canadians who have taken out money from their RRSPs under the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP) and then moved to the US with an unpaid balance. . . . keep reading

Five Crossborder Investment & Financial Planning Issues Procrastinated Over Most
Courtesy of Naveen Gopal, Pacifica Partners
When Canadians expatriate to the US, there are common investments-related challenges that commonly arise. In our experience with clientele, some of these are procrastinated over for several years before action is taken. . . . keep reading

How Canadians Save Taxes While Working in the U.S.?
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
At Gedeon Law & CPA, we regularly work with clients from Canada who come to work in the U.S. on a temporary basis. By temporary, we mean a work assignment generally lasting 2 years or less. . . . keep reading

Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?
By John McCord, Cardinal Point Wealth Management
A move to Canada from the United States is not as simple as many individuals and their advisors believe. Misconceptions exist due to a lack of experience and training. There are a variety of reasons for emigrating to or moving back to Canada. . . . keep reading

Why US Taxpayers Should Avoid Holding Canadian Mutual Funds
Courtesy of Gedeon Law
A client of mine recently made the move from Canada to sunny Los Angeles.When I asked him if he left anything behind in Canada, he answered "just the snow".Well, as it turns out, my client didn't just leave the snow behind. . . . keep reading

Tax Tip: Sale of Canadian Home by an American
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
We recently received a call from a U.S. citizen married to a Canadian citizen. The couple lives in Canada and owns a home in Toronto together. Recently, the couple sold their Canadian home, which has been their primary residence for the last 11 years. . . . keep reading

Are My RRSP Contributions Deductible in the USA?
Courtesy of Gedeon Law & CPA
A while back, we published a newsletter on deducting 401(K) contributions for purposes of Canadian taxation. Now we turn our attention to whether or not contributions to an RRSP are deductible for purposes of US taxation. . . . keep reading

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