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Moving to the US? Understanding your cross-border investment & financial planning challenges
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
When moving to the US from Canada, there are common challenges that individuals often face. These challenges arise from differences in taxation, reporting requirements, and the regulations that oversee one's investment portfolio. keep reading

W-9/W-8BEN Requests from Canadian and Australian Banks
Courtesy of Gedeon Law
Did you receive a notice from your Canadian or Australian bank asking you to complete an IRS Form such as a W-9 or W-8BEN? keep reading

Thousands of Canadian Expats in the U.S. Needlessly Pay Canadian Tax!
BY Michael I. Atlas, CPA, CA
Canadian citizens are not subject to Canadian tax on worldwide income if they are not resident in Canada. keep reading

IRS Announces Changes to RRSP Reporting
Courtesy of Gedeon Law
It's not often the IRS reduces the information taxpayers need to report with their tax return. Luckily for Canadians, however, the IRS did just that yesterday when it announced Canadians no longer need to report their RRSP and RRIF accounts on Form 8891. keep reading

Debating the Return of Inflation
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
When the world's central banks decided to undertake a zero interest-rate policy and then to inject money into the global banking system to levels that were previously unforeseen, there was widespread fear that this would eventually unleash an inflationary firestorm. keep reading

An Embarrassment of Riches
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
One of the few things Wall Street, Main Street and politicians of all stripes can agree on is that the economic recovery since the last recession has been slower than expected. keep reading

Pacifica Partners Discuss Canadian Baby Boomers on the O'Leary Exchange
Courtesy of Pacifica Partners
Pacifica Partners' Naveen Gopal, Vice President of Client Services, was interviewed by Kevin O'Leary and Amanda Lang on the February 27th, 2014 airing of "The Lang & O'Leary Exchange". keep reading

2014 Kicked Off With Too Few Bears
Courtesy of Paul Bains, Pacifica Partners
In 2013, the financial markets began to put the fears rooted in the Financial Crisis behind them as investors began to sense that there was light at the end of the tunnel. keep reading

Should You Rollover Your 401K or IRA to a RRSP?
By Marc Gedeon
With many Canadians deciding to leave the US in favor of returning to live permanently in Canada, the question of what to do with a 401K and IRA comes up frequently. keep reading

How Does The IRS Know Your Travel Dates?
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
You're probably thinking the NSA right? Well, you'd be surprised to know that while Snowden and his clan at the are NSA busy tracking your phone calls, the IRS is not relying on the NSA to supply it with your travel information. keep reading

How to be US Tax Compliant when Investing or Doing Business in Canada
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
In today's day and age, investing or operating internationally is a lot easier than it's ever been. As such, many individuals and businesses have started investing and doing business in foreign countries to take advantage of new markets. keep reading

Tax Tip: Moving to the US? Don't Use Your Parent's Mailing Address
Couretsy of Marc Gedeon
Gordie is a Canadian who leaves Canada and takes up residence in the United States. Like many Canadians, Gordie decides to leave his investments behind in Canada and changes the address with his financial institutions to his parents' Canadian address. Gordie's investments make money and the income is reported to CRA. keep reading

Cross Border Taxes: CRA Revises Form T1135
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
As part of its efforts to address tax noncompliance involving foreign property, CRA recently introduced a revised Form T1135, Foreign Income Verification Statement, which is applicable for taxation years ending after June 30, 2013. Beginning with the 2013 taxation year, Form T1135 has been revised and requires significantly more detailed information regarding foreign property owned by Canadian residents. keep reading

How To Deduct Mileage To Your Rental Properties
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
We recently started working with a new client who lives in Southern California and owns multiple rental properties in Northern California. keep reading

Cross Border Taxes: How A Canadian Resident Reports a K-1 in the USA
Courtesy of Gedeon Law
We recently received a call from a client in Canada who invested in a California LLC and was issued a K-1 from the LLC. Our client is a Canadian resident and citizen only, is not a green card holder or in any way qualifies as a US taxpayer. keep reading

How Canadians Save Taxes While Working in the U.S.
Courtesy of Marc Gedeon
At Gedeon Law & CPA, we regularly work with clients from Canada who come to work in the U.S. on a temporary basis. By temporary, we mean a work assignment generally lasting 2 years or less. keep reading

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