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2008 Beijing Olympics

Let the Games begin!

There are a number of great resources to keep track of the Canadian Olympic team. Cheer for our athletes as they travel to Beijing and compete among the World's best.

Canadian Olympic website

CBC Olympic Coverage

Blogs from Athletes & Journalists

Ron Maclean-Personality: That time Wayne Gretzky exploded

Adam Kreek-Rowing: The Pain and Power of Mental Toughness

Anna Rice-Badminton: How baminton players train

Christine Sinclair-Socer: Perfect, a Starbucks across the street

Colin Jenkins-Triathlon: Chillin with the Legend at the bbq

Hugh Macdonald-Archery: Victory away, calamity at home

Kevin Sullivan-Athletics: Hard travel, hard training

Kyle Shewfelt-Gymnastics: I like hugs and sunny days

Mark Heese-Beach Volleyball: The match that left us frozen at courtside

Sherraine Schalm-Fencing: I am fencer, hear me roar!

Beijing-Bernice Chan: Tiananmen square for tourists

Larry Cain-Canoeist: Watch out for Canoeist Tom Hall