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Find the latest feature articles here! New articles are regularly posted providing valuable information and interesting stories Also, be sure to click the 'view more articles' link at the bottom of the page to read articles you may have missed.

CEN Survey: NHL Playoffs
Could it be a post season without a Canadian team? keep reading

Cape Breton's US Recruiting Campaign
This campaign received over 50K clicks in the first few days. keep reading

World Curling Federation launch new initiative to promote sport using "iceless" products
By Duncan Mackay
A new initiative has been launched to try and help promote the growth of curling around the world. keep reading

Thousands of Employers Prepare to Play the H-1B Visa Lottery
Courtesy of Murali Bashyam, Bashyam & Spiro
A company does not have to win the lottery for its business to succeed, however, it may need to win the H-1B visa lottery to be able to hire specialized and highly skilled employees. keep reading

Life After the Game: Curling Olympic Medalist Carolyn McRorie
By Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network
Imagine stopping to pick up a Starbuck's coffee and everyone in the shop begins passionately singing 'O Canada'. keep reading

Canadian Mark Sears Shares the Cloud Factory Story
Courtesy of Mark Sears, CEO of Cloud Factory
In 2008 my wife and I came to Nepal for a 2 week vacation that we extended to 4 weeks, then to 3 months and now 5 years later we are still here and loving every minute of it. A few weeks after arriving I began training 3 young software developers in Ruby on Rails around a small kitchen table. keep reading

How many Canadians are Playing College Baseball?
Courtesy of the Canadian Baseball Network
As of Jan 26th, 2016 there are 535 Canadians are listed on the rosters of NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III schools, NAIA and NJCAA Division I, Division II and Division III schools. keep reading

X-Files Returns-Filming in BC
The truth is out there to the delight of X-File fans. keep reading

Canadian Company Dominion Voting Hiring
Dominion's history spans more than 100 years -- with roots all the way back to 1895 and the invention of the first ever Direct Recording lever machines in New York. Over the course of the last century, expertise and experience in the development and deployment of voting systems has grown. keep reading

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