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About CEN

About CEN

The Canadian Expat Network (CEN) is the leading Canadian expat site for Canadians living abroad.

CEN also provides bi-weekly e-newsletters, regular stories of interest, expat webinars, calendar of events, list of Canadian Expat Groups, forum, CDN News feeds, twitter feeds and the Annual Canada Day Expat Giveaway.

This is your home away from home.

Notable Interviews include:

Hockey Legend Wayne Gretzky             

Brigadier General Nicolas Matern

Hockey Star Sidney Crosby                   

Former Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham

Terry Fox's sister Judith Fox-Alder     

Author Sally Armstrong                         

Montreal Alouettes Head Coach Marc Trestman

Hockey Legend Paul Henderson             

Canadian National Baseball Director Greg Hamilton

Hockey Dad Henry Staal                       

Tim Horton's U.S. Communications

Hockey Announcer John Forslund          

President Assoc. of University Research Park Dale Gann

COC Steve Keough                               

Anne of Green Gables 100 Year Anniversary

PEI Premier Robert Ghiz

NB Minister Victor Boudreau

Manitoba Minister Peter Bjornson

Hockey Legend Yvan Cournoyer

CEN was founded by Sean Mitton in 2008. Mitton had been in the technology industry for over 10 years as an Account Manager serving Fortune 500 Companies and a Major Telco. He grew up in Georgetown, Ontario, received his business degree from the University of New Brunswick and lived 3 years in beautiful Vancouver,BC. He has been in the U.S. since 1999.

Mitton is also the creator of the '72 Project.The '72 Project is an opportunity for baby boomers and older generations to share where they were when Henderson scored and what it meant to them, leaving an archive for younger generations. Stories will be collected, with the 72 most compelling will be chosen for a book that will launch on the 40th Anniversary (Sept. 28th, 2012). The moment will also contrast the "Sidney Crosby 2010 Golden Goal".

'72 hero, Paul Henderson is writing the foreword for the book.