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Canadian Accent's Mike Kerr
Canadian Accent's Mike Kerr

Canadian Accents: Canadian Country Music and Canada Day

Courtesy of Mike Kerr
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Last 2 Radio Shows

Show #11: Canada Day 2011

July 1 marks the 144th birthday of Canada, but its only been the last fourty years or so that its outward displays of patriotism has become gradually more overt. Canadians have a reputation of being reserved, and while generally that's true, the last generation or two has made it a point, when it comes to patriotism, of being much more vocal and demonstrative. Looking back, I think some of that had to do with a series of well-received Molson Canadian commercials in the 90's that really kicked things into high gear. But at the center of it all has been music, so in honour of the homeland's 144th, we've compiled a selection of songs about Canada, and some great songs about places in Canada that we call home.

Show #10: Coast to Coast Country

Canadian Country music is similar to American Country music in many ways, but in others it's different, with a folk twist in several regions, such as Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, or on the prairies, where the subjects and themes are local and geographical as opposed to the patriotic undertones you'll find in the US. Canada is its own country and has its own Country, and while we share many of our great artists with our neighbours here in America, there are many more that sing Canada's own brand that we hold dear...

About Canadian Accents

Canadian Accents is a weekly radio program that introduces Canadian music artists from the Great White North to our American friends and Canadian expats living in Northern Virginia. Canada has a lot of world-class music that you've probably never heard; each week we offer new music, music from yesteryear, information, interviews, and local concert listings in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC Metro Area - all centered around Canadian artists.

Canadian Accents airs live every Monday night at 11pm ET on Radio Fairfax (external link) - TV you can listen to. Tune-in via digital cable in Northern Virginia on channel 37 on Verizon FiOS and Cox Cable, in Reston on Comcast channel 27, or streaming around the world at Radio Fairfax.

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