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Jeffrey Davis, Lina Uberti, Vinu Srinivasan (Alumni Chapter President), Laura Ziton, and Denis Kefallinos (Immediate Past-President)
Jeffrey Davis, Lina Uberti, Vinu Srinivasan (Alumni Chapter President), Laura Ziton, and Denis Kefallinos (Immediate Past-President)

Canadian Alumni Series: Concordia's Vinu Srinivason

By Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network
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Vinu Srinivason enjoys being the Concordia Alumni Leader in Boston, Mass. It's a great opportunity to connect with other Alumni and of course, have fun. In a recent interview, Srinivason a US Citizen, shares what brought him to Concordia, his experience in Montreal and discusses the opportunity for other Non-Canadian citizens to get a quality education in Canada.

Srinivason grew up in Ohio and has also lived in the UK and Germany. After completing his undergrad in Humanities, he worked as a Management Consultant in Europe. He was interested in obtaining an MBA and looked at several locations, before choosing Concordia in Montreal. "People said good things about Concordia, I liked Montreal...it was a good fit for me," Srinivasan commented.

After his MBA, he moved to Boston to become a Management Consultant. "The courses at Concordia were exactly relevant to the strategic problems that I encountered on a day to day basis. I felt very well prepared."

Today, Srinivason works at Harvard University on the administrative side of an executive development and learning program.

With 600 Concordia Alum in the greater New England area, he enjoys connecting with other Alumni. "There are generally four events per year, with 2 of them being larger gatherings. In the fall, we had a deli night with smoked meat being flown in from Montreal", he comments.

When talking about the value of a Canadian University education, he mentions that a couple of his colleagues' children have enrolled in Canadian Universities. The quality of the education is generally at par with US schools while generally being less expensive and providing an opportunity to live in another country. "My experience as an MBA student was that I worked collaboratively with a lot of talented, intelligent people. That led us to forming a close knit group", he said.

With so many Canadian Alumni in the Northeast, I asked if people now support the hometown Boston Bruins. "No, people from Montreal have pretty strong allegiance with their team," Srinivason responds.

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