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Job Opportunity:Vice President, Marketing -- Shopify

Job Opportunity:Vice President, Marketing -- Shopify

Odgers Berndston
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Vice President, Marketing -- Shopify (www.shopify.com)

Is OUR Problem YOUR Problem?

It's a valid question, but you don't know that yet. So let us explain… See, we've been building this great company from the ground-up. Actually, it's an amazing company, if we do say so ourselves. It's called Shopify, and we've managed to make quite a splash in the e-commerce sector over the past few years. Alright, forget modesty; truth is, our online merchant solution is phenomenal. It's powerful, robust, and our clients absolutely love it because it does exactly what it's supposed to do -- make online selling easy. Like, Sunday morning easy. Simply put, Shopify is awesome!

Yup, we said it.

But surely you can't blame us for being proud of this baby. The hosted e-commerce platform we designed and built is quickly becoming the go-to solution for online merchants of all levels. Individual sellers. Boutique and niche vendors. Brick and mortar retailers. We're already 12,000+ merchants strong, with new clients beating a path to our door everyday.

And while some start-ups avoid the p-word like the plague, we've been in the black for a while now. Not only are we profitable, we just took on $7 million of Series A funding from Tier 1 VC's in the US. Things are looking good.

And just getting warmed up.

A product with extraordinary potential backed by a burgeoning client base in an industry poised for electric growth. So what's our problem, you ask?

Here's the thing. Sure we're enjoying success -- new business, increasing revenues, market penetration... But we are keeping a cool head. As the Shopify brand continues to gain ground, it's critical that we remain focused on the big picture. We've scaled the treacherous foothills (where many of our competitors have vanished like the morning fog) but our ascent up the mountain is a different story. Kudos are nice and profitability is vital, but we know the Shopify e-commerce solution is the best there is. Period. And reaching our actual potential as a business requires us to make our marketing strategy as awesome as our product. Some would say that's a challenge, we call it a problem.

We know the person to solve our problem is out there. If you're reading this, it might be you. If so… Help us take Shopify to the stratosphere. That's where it belongs. But we must alert you to the fact that we tend to do things a little different. The conventional rules of business (whatever they are) don't always apply here. Why? Because we love doing stuff they don't teach in business school. And that's likely music to your ears because as a digital marketing maverick, you know the status-quo doesn't always fly online.

Now to say our current marketing team is phenomenal would be an understatement. That's how we got this far. But they need a leader with an avant-garde strategy to pull everything together, then light it up. A visionary that delivers on promises. Not satisfactory delivery, top-shelf delivery. Because that's what the Shopify brand is based on. We tell our clients what they can expect from us, then we give it to them. We also know there are more prospective clients out there than we can count, so we need you to help us find them, woo them, and knock 'em dead with our value proposition.

Shopify's potential is exceptional. We're swimming in the middle of a deep, $260 billion ocean - and the waters are rising daily. And the really good news is that e-commerce is still in its infancy. Given that retail is a $4 trillion industry, the stakes are high. Use your digital marketing expertise to drive the Shopify brand to its highest market and capitalization potential, and there's a lot in it for you. Your success in this role will earn you above-average compensation, and possibly future stakeholder rewards as a key contributor to Shopify's success.

It's no secret that we have a heck of a lot of fun here at Shopify. Your sense of humour is more a requisite than an asset, but so is your passion for all things related to digital marketing. You're a fearless wizard with online lead generation strategies via digital advertising channels of all forms. Social media… SEO… PPC... website conversion... email marketing… landing pages… content marketing… web analytics… Not only do you live and breathe it all, you know how to customize and tweak marketing initiatives based on your understanding of data feedback.

But it's not our place to tell you how to solve our problem. If you are indeed the ideal person for this role -- if you see our problem as yours -- take it on and tell us how we should roll. Just keep in mind that we're not sticklers for hard and fast rules. Try this, run with that, toss the dice, change on the fly, track everything, and figure out how to win. If that means losing a little of your sanity in the process, we get it. There's a few of us like that around here.

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