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Terry Fox Research Institute: By the Numbers

Terry Fox Research Institute: By the Numbers

Courtesy of TFRI
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For 30 years, funds have been provided to support cure-oriented, biomedical cancer research around the globe. Here's a look at some significant numbers:

$383 million directly provided for cancer research over
three decades (1980 -- 2010) as follows:
$311 million provided to the National Cancer Institute of Canada (1980 -- 2010)
• $63 million provided by the Terry Fox International Run program (1991 -- 2010)
• $8.8 million provided to The Terry Fox Research Institute (2008 -- 2010)
• $1 million to the Canadian Institutes for Health Research

1,164 cancer research projects funded in Canada
allocated as follows:
440 cancer research grants
• 625 awards made specifically to support researchers directly through fellowships and scholarships to study in Canada and abroad
• 22 cancer research capacity-building grants, and
• 54 grants to support cancer research meetings

Translational Research
In 2007, the Foundation created The Terry Fox Research Institute as a pan-Canadian virtual institute to support translational research with the potential to significantly improve the health of cancer patients.
With an initial $50 million commitment from the
Foundation, the Institute has:
Invested over $40 million in 23 translational cancer research projects
• Leveraged an additional $65 million from provincial and national partners
• Established partnerships with over 40 universities, cancer research institutions and hospitals across Canada


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