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Montreal Company Genacol, Keeping Baby Boomers Active

Montreal Company Genacol, Keeping Baby Boomers Active

By Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network
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Fifteen years ago at age 35 Canadian Guy Michaud wore braces to play recreational sports he enjoyed, like tennis and softball for support of his troubled knees. It was suggested by a friend, he take a collagen protein based product. Three weeks later he no longer needed the braces. Michaud was so pleased with the results that he went on to run Genacol, a $12 million company out of Montreal that sold a better Collagen based product.

Collagen is the fibrous structural protein that makes up the white fibers (collagenous fibers) of skin, tendon, bone, cartilage, and all other connective tissues. It is also found dispersed in gels of the body to provide stiffening, such as in the vitreous humour of the eye. Collagen is the natural protein that composes most of the body's structural support and is the primary substance of connective tissue.
According to the website, their product Genacol is a molecular-enhanced Bio-Active Collagen complex formula which contains crucial structural proteins that our body requires to repair and rejuvenate itself; structural proteins not found in Glucosamine/Chondroitin.  By using the complete collagen molecule in Genacol, you get  100% of the protein chain required to help restore joint mobility and reduce overall pain and joint discomfort.

The company is pleased to have Montreal Canadien great Yvan Cournoyer as a spokesperson since 2004. Cournoyer was introduced to Michaud in 2004. Genacol helped relieve Cournoyer's wife's ailing shoulder in 6 weeks and Cournoyer uses the product everyday to increase joint mobility and ease pain. Today Cournoyer continues to be active with regular workouts and to a strong golfer.

Today the Montreal company's product can be found in 28 countries and is well positioned with an aging population. Genacol has a strong presence in Florida and is looking at further US expansion plans.

With over 1 million bottles sold, it looks to make a difference in the lives of baby boomers.



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