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Life is so much sweeter with Self-Esteem!

Life is so much sweeter with Self-Esteem!

By Helena Nyman
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How high would you rate your self esteem on a scale from 1-10?  If it requires some improvement, then you are not alone! Most of us can acknowledge that our self esteem could do with a boost, but much of the time, we are not sure how to go about improving it.

I have been in this place before, (everybody who meets me, thinks I'm joking. Seriously, there was a time where I was painfully shy - and I turned it around!)

If I can do it - so can YOU!
I am going to share with you some of my top simple tips for raising your self esteem.  If you think you haven't got the time or maybe you believe you are too busy, then think again! 

Walking around with a healthy self-esteem, is one of your biggest assets!

Are you willing to invest a few minutes of your own time in yourself?

1)    Smile at yourself each morning in the mirror. Make sure it's a big cheesy grin! Ask yourself how a very successful person would look at his/her image in the mirror, and do the same thing.

2)    Write a list of things that you like about yourself. What are your strengs and qualities? EX. I'm helpful, creative, or I'm getting things done on time. Make sure you write down at least twenty! Use a Success (bragging) Journal

3)    Use daily affirmations! EX. ' My self esteem is growing every day' and ' I am a valuable, loveable person and I deserve the very best' I usually pin it close to the light switch in the bathroom, so I can see it first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

4)    Quit comparing yourself to others. There will always be some people who have more than you, and some people who have less.   Have aspirations to be like one of your role models - but put your own flavor and uniquness to it!

5)    Accept compliments gratefully.   The next time somebody says something nice about you, simply say: "Thank you!".  Take time to write it down or spend a few moments thinking about how nice it felt.

Stop doing the old number: "Well it is a very cheap and old dress..."
6)    Remind yourself that you are HUMAN. (What, I'm not Super-Woman?)  Quit beating yourself up for not being perfect, NOBODY is perfect anyways...Vow each day to praise yourself instead of criticizing yourself.  

7)      If you are surrounded by negative people or energy vampires -  get rid of them!  They only make you feel bad about yourself and will lower your self esteem.  However, if you surround yourself with positive and supportive people you will feel better about yourself, and this will raise your self esteem.

8)    Each night before you go to bed,  think about ( or write down if you wish) five successful things you have done that day.  This could be as simple as getting to work on time, helping a senior cross the road, thanking a stranger for his/her nice gesture, etc.

9)    Set yourself a mini goal to complete each week.   This could be anything from trying a new recipe, cleaning out your wardrobe or  completing an overdue task at work.   One of the best ways to increase yourself self esteem is to take action - you will feel great about yourself when you do!

10) Be true to yourself.   Make sure you are living your own life! Don't live up to other people's expectations.. If you feel nervous about standing up for yourself etc, make this one of your mini goals.  

You can NOT develop self esteem by sitting on the sidelines. You have to push yourself to take risks and new challenges.
We are all capable of increasing our self esteem with just a little bit of effort. Start to take more risks, and be less concerned with making a fool of yourself or failing. 
Be less concerned about what others think of you, and stop seeking approval from others. You will feel far more comfortable in your own skin, and you will feel at peace with the wonderful person you really are.

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