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Tim Horton's Global plans

Tim Horton's Global plans

I'm down to my last tin of Tim Horton's and it will be 3 weeks before I'm back in Toronto to restock. I'm sure many of you can relate to being on your last tin of Tim Horton's. Maybe there's good news in sight for those of us who are currently not fortunate to have a Tim Horton's close by. According to a recent Tim Horton's shareholder meeting, the company is talking about Global expansion. The company will further it's expansion in the US Northeast and Midwest.

Tim Horton's already has 290 self-service kiosks in convenience stores in Ireland and England and has presence on several Military bases as well.

Additionally, with 3,000 restaurants in Canada, Chief Executive Donald Schroeder feels that there is room to grow to 4,000.

For Tim Horton's fans everywhere, this is great news and can't happen soon enough!

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