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Canadian Favourites:BBQ Season is Here

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Introducing "Caesar Pleaser" (Clam Tomato Cocktail Mix) -- add your own 1 litre (quart) of spring water -- mix in blender. Blind taste tested a dozen times and all acclaimed the taste was just like the Motts Clamato we are all familiar with.

Each packet makes 8 Canadian Caesars.

Extreme Bean offers an additional garnish, hot and spicy pickled beans.

Don't forget the Rimmers, from Club House or Motts.

All can be acquired individually. Special pricing is offered for the complete Canadian Caesar Package: Caesar Pleaser, Extreme Bean and Rimmer. Makes a great Father's Day Gift! He could even share (grin)!

Our good friends overseas, UK, Australia, EU and South Africa can now acquire the ingredients to make a true Canadian Caesar without the huge expense of shipping the traditional jugs of Clamato.

Sex and the City2 - Movie To Be Released 27th May

Experience just the best of chocolates from Laura Secord, Sex and the City.

Miranda's Favourite: Dark Chocolate Caramel Almond (my favourite)
Carrie's Favourite: Milk Chocolate Cosmopolitan
Samantha's Favourite: Milk Chocolate Champagne
Charlotte's Favourite: Dark Chocolate Lemon Raspberry

15 grams each (approx) 30 cm square or 1 inch (approx) - bursting with flavours

Accompanied by Truffles Assortment: Dulce De Leche, Cappucino, 70 % Cocoa, White Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Heart and Dark Chocolate Heart

Canadian Favourites


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