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Excuse me, have you seen April?

Excuse me, have you seen April?

By Chi Lo
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I don't know where it went.

I can't believe it's already hockey playoff season. Congratulations to the Canucks and the Habs in round 1 of the playoffs!

Yes, I know I live in DC, but should be cheering for the Caps, but 1. never has a #8 seed come back from a 3-1 series deficit to beat a #1 seed, and 2. last week, I was out for dinner with a good friend from Vancouver, and we were on the metro when the Caps/Habs game got out. She said to me, "I wonder what the score of the game was," to which a fellow passenger replied, "Caps lost."

My friend turned to me and said, "Yay! Canadienes!" To which, an eavesdropper said, "F--- you, f--- Canada. You're in the f---ing USA." Shocked, my friend and I exchanged looks, and as we boarded the escalator, someone else told us that we asked for it.

The xenophobism, it seems, is the theme lately, with Arizona's new immigration law, Alabama's Gubernatorial Candidate campaign promises, and the car. (This reminds me of a side story -- about this time last year, I was at the Coffee and Tea Festival in New York. I was in the women's restroom, and there was a line. When it was my turn, I went into the stall, but there was no toilet paper. I came back out to grab some paper towels, and the woman who behind me in line said to me, "Hey, hey, where are you from? Where are you from?" And before I had time to answer, she said, "You're Asian, don't you know how to squat?" !!!)


This April, in all, we had five separate groups of visitors: my mom and grandma, one of Gravy's former roommates, my college roommate, Gravy's friends from ManchVegas, and Gravy's parents. I went to places in DC I have never been to before in all my time living here, such as the tidal basin, the DC Farmers Market, and this place:

Nationals Park is a very different experience from that of Fenway or Camden Yards just an hour away. First of all, it's new, and second of all, there are very few people who go there to watch baseball. I guess everyone's in sulking about the Caps. That's all I have to say about that.

The mumps, the car, the failed burger poll (I guess that means you'll just have to go try it for yourself! In case you missed it, Ray's Hell Burger won "better burger" with 2 votes) -- hectic, crazy April is nearly over, but I'm certainly not ready for May.

ps - make sure you check out my new favourite blog: Year of Giving. It's amazing and inspiring, and can also be found on my blog list on the right hand side of the page.

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