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The Purpose of Life-Enjoy it!

The Purpose of Life-Enjoy it!

Courtesy of Helena Nyman
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Many among us are bewildered with the purpose of life, "What are we here on earth for? Where am I headed? After all these experiences in life, what's next?"
For most of us who are still searching for answers, the best option is to enjoy the journey. What better way to do this than by living life to its fullest, with zest and vigor, in full throttle. Here's how:

Whatever you're doing now, it's better be interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. Otherwise, change it. Some might say, "Change, oh no, not change! I'd rather stick to what I'm doing now. Even though it's boring, it's good enough." Well, enough is actually not enough - it's less than enough. If you let your life pass you by without giving change a chance, especially when your life is just "good enough," you are depriving yourself of the good life. Change doesn't have to be threatening, intimidating, or frightening. Once you allow change to be part of your experience in life, you will find that all those negative notions are actually baseless and unfounded. Change for the better by changing the way you think - from negative to positive, from passive to active, from gloom to bloom. Change the way you think and your outcome in life will change tremendously for the better.

While you are in the process of changing, you are actually taking risks. When you take risks, you also take on challenges and obstacles. Keep in mind that without risks, there will be no change, no progress, no improvement, no excitement, and no purpose in life. So keep your thoughts on the positive side only. Don't even take a glimpse of the negative. Have you ever seen a product in the supermarket that offers negative values? It's always plus, plus, plus. Buy one, free one; thirty percent more; more value for your money. If ever you see a negative word like "less fifty percent," it still means more. The manufacturers of those products are actually taking risks with the ultimate goal of making more.

Take away all those limitations, boundaries, and barricades of life. Go beyond those walls that deprive you of enjoyment in life. Don't forget to bring along your gear. Your gear should include self-confidence, determination, faith, and enthusiasm, to name a few.

To enjoy life, have more fun under the sun. How you have more fun is all up to you. Keep your attention focused on the bright side of life. Be optimistic and enthusiastic.

When opportunities knock, open the door and let them in. Better yet, grab them in. Opportunities don't knock everyday. Opportunities are like visitors. We don't have visitors everyday. When you do, you let them in. The same concept applies to opportunities. Welcome them. Get to know who or what they are. Talk to them. Know more about them. Scrutinize them, and then weigh your options. You don't call them opportunities for nothing. If they are opportunities in disguise, take off their masks. Each of us is endowed with enough wisdom to find out, determine, and judge which ones are opportunities and which ones are not. Once you have determined that an opportunity is worth your attention, grab it immediately.

Only one thing on earth is permanent, and that thing is change. Everything keeps on changing as time goes by. Even volcanoes, which have been dormant for hundreds of years, change. Since risks are identified with change, everything is at risk most of the time. When you fear taking risks, you are actually in fear most of the time. Instead of being a passenger of change, why not take the driver's seat to effect change the way you want it to be. Take responsibility in your own actions.

Perhaps the purpose of life is the journey itself. While you are at it, you might as well enjoy and live it to the fullest.

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