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2010 Recipients of the Order of Canada

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From the Office of the Governer General of Canada

Her Excellency The Right Honorable Michaelle Jean



Elsa Bolam, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Member of the Order of Canada

For over four decades, Elsa Bolam has made lasting contributions to English theatre in Montréal. A professional director and founding member of the Centaur Theatre, she is recognized for supporting and providing exposure to young and independent Québécois actors, designers and theatre companies. Through her company, Geordie Productions, she has also helped bring the dramatic arts to new audiences by touring schools and presenting plays in isolated English-speaking and Aboriginal communities throughout Quebec. She has injected originality and vitality into the cultural life of Montréal and of communities throughout the province.


David Bouchard, C.M.
Victoria, British Columbia
Member of the Order of Canada

An acclaimed author of children's books, David Bouchard is also a champion of literacy. This former teacher and school principal has written more than 40 books in English and French. Many of them combine poetry, prose and visual arts, and explore topics such as the environment, history, and the traditions and cultures of Canada's Aboriginal communities. Also a storyteller and sought-after public speaker, he has travelled across the country to promote the importance and joy of reading and writing. In his presentations to children, parents and teachers, he addresses his own struggles with dyslexia. Proud of his Métis heritage, he is a former president of the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria and continues to serve as a community leader.


David A. Brown, C.M.
Kettleby, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

David Brown has made enduring contributions to the development of sound regulatory policies to safeguard Canada's capital markets. A corporate lawyer, he served as president and chief executive officer of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). He oversaw the transition of the OSC from a government agency to a Crown corporation, and promoted high standards of transparency and accountability for the securities industry. Following his retirement from the OSC, he was appointed to conduct an important investigation into the RCMP pension and insurance plans. An active volunteer, he has provided leadership to a number of organizations, including the University Health Network, in Toronto, and the Governance Leadership Council of the Ontario Hospital Association.


Frederick J. Carmichael, C.M.
Inuvik, Northwest Territories
Member of the Order of Canada

After a fire in the family home, Fred Carmichael spent his youth living off the land and, at 12, he saw an airplane for the first time. He grew up to become the first Aboriginal person in the North to obtain a pilot's license, and went on to found two successful air transport companies. As a businessman, Native leader and chair of the Aboriginal Pipeline Group, he has been a driving force in obtaining increased autonomy for the Gwich'in and Inuvialuit people. He is legendary for flying volunteer rescue missions and for finding missing people after they had been given up for dead. He is a revered mentor and is highly respected by Native leaders throughout Canada for his innovation, commitment and accomplishments.


Renée Claude, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Member of the Order of Canada

Renée Claude has one of the most beautiful voices in Quebec, and is also a masterful interpreter of songs, helping to popularize Quebec and French songs at home and abroad. One of the first singers to render the works of Quebec songwriters and lyricists, she made poetic song accessible to the general public, becoming an ambassador of the genre. She also won public and critical acclaim for her tribute concerts dedicated to renowned Quebec and French artists. Over the course of her 50-year career, she has had many hits, including C'est le début d'un temps nouveau and Un gars comme toi. In addition, she has received numerous awards and recognition. Her undiminished passion and fervour still move audiences today.


Hélène Desmarais, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Member of the Order of Canada

With extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm, Hélène Desmarais plays an active role in socio-economic and cultural development at both the local and provincial levels. She is especially dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, and has founded and chairs a variety of organizations, including the Société d'Investissements Jeunesse andthe Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal, which has helped to launch over 300 new Quebec companies. A number of other organizations have also benefited from her leadership skills. She is the first woman to chair the board of directors of HEC Montréal, and has helped increase the international visibility of that institution. As deputy chair of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, and as the founding chair of its foundation, she also played a vital role in restoring the financial health of the orchestra.


Daniel Germain, C.M., C.Q., M.S.M.
Boucherville, Quebec
Member of the Order of Canada

Daniel Germain has dedicated his life to helping underprivileged children. After growing up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, he went on humanitarian trips abroad and returned to Canada with the dream of breaking the circle of poverty. With the goal of helping children who were deprived of a vital element for their academic and social success--a nutritious breakfast--he founded the Quebec Breakfast Club. He also established the JeunEstime program to help youth develop better self-esteem. In 2005, the Quebec Breakfast Club was recognized by the United Nations as one of the best school meal programs in the world. Pursuing his goals, he then founded Breakfast Clubs of Canada, launched an international co-operation project for young people in Quebec, and established the Montreal Millennium Summit, an international forum that puts forward ideas and projects related to the well-being of children in the world.


Kenneth Kernaghan,C.M.
Fenwick, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Kenneth Kernaghan is a leading authority in public administration nationally and internationally. Professor emeritus of political science at Brock University, he has been an influential teacher and scholar whose publications have been central to the development of this discipline. One of Canada's foremost experts on ethics, accountability and the public interest, he co-authored the standard textbook in public administration, and his advice is sought after by governments and public servants at home and abroad. He has also served as editor of Canadian and international journals in this field and has held leadership positions with various professional organizations.


Marc Kielburger, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Marc Kielburger is committed to empowering young people and advancing children's rights. He is the co-founder of Free The Children, a network of children helping children, and the co-founder of Me to We, a social enterprise that helps make ethical living the norm. In these roles, he inspires hundreds of thousands of youth across Canada to become involved in their communities and to believe that they can make a difference, regardless of their age. His influence as an author, public speaker and social advocate has touched many lives around the world. He challenges all of us to embrace voluntarism and to recognize that young people can help build a more compassionate, caring and civil society.


Claude Le Bouthillier, C.M.
Bas-Caraquet, New Brunswick
Member of the Order of Canada

Columnist, novelist and poet, Claude Le Bouthillier is one of the most renowned writers in New Brunswick. His many books, which emerged from both his rich imagination and historical facts, illustrate the history of the Acadian people, focussing on their courage and traditions. He is especially well-known for his trilogy on the deportation of the Acadians: Le Feu du Mauvais Temps; Les Marées du Grand Dérangement; and Complices du silence? Through his work, which has garnered him numerous awards, he has played a role in the renaissance of the Acadian novel. As a former chair of the Festival acadien de poésie, a columnist with Caraquet's daily French-language newspaper, L'Acadie Nouvelle, and as a guest speaker at events across Canada and around the world, he helps to foster understanding of the region he so proudly calls home.


Frank L. Lovsin, C.M.
Peace River, Alberta
Member of the Order of Canada

Frank Lovsin is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and volunteer who has served as a vocal advocate for his community in regional and provincial affairs. Over the last 52 years, he has built Freson Markets from a single butcher shop into a large retail grocery chain. He spearheaded the creation of the Independent Retail Grocers of Alberta, and is known as the "elder statesman" of independent grocers for his work on their behalf. Providing his region with a voice in provincial affairs, he has served in leadership roles with provincial organizations, notably the Alberta Energy Board and the Alberta Mortgage and Housing Board, and has also given generously of his time and energy to an array of community organizations, such as the Peace River Chamber of Commerce and Fairview College.


David Matas, C.M.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Member of the Order of Canada

For the last three decades, David Matas has been dedicated to defending the rights of society's most vulnerable members. A lawyer and recognized authority on human rights, immigration and refugee law, he has had a marked impact on the evolution and expansion of these fields in Canada and abroad. He has been a valued advisor and human rights observer for the Canadian government and has been sought out for his expertise by several human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International Canada, the Canadian Council for Refugees and the International Commission of Jurists. Currently, he is a member of the board of directors for Rights and Democracy, and serves as senior legal counsel for B'nai Brith Canada.


Gordon A. McBean, C.M.
London, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Gordon McBean's contributions in atmospheric and climate sciences have enhanced Canada's stature on the world stage. An academic and former senior civil servant, he has advanced the knowledge of climate change through his research and leadership in scientific organizations and research networks. He chaired the International Scientific Committee for the World Climate Research Program, and was instrumental in the creation of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences. Professor and director of policy studies at the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction at the University of Western Ontario, he continues to study the impacts of climate change on the Canadian Arctic.


Barbara McInnes, C.M.
Ottawa, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Barbara McInnes has worked tirelessly to enhance the culture of philanthropy in Ottawa and beyond. President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Ottawa, she has developed new avenues and partnerships that have enabled generous citizens to invest in their community. She has brought about a tremendous increase in donations and has ensured funding for a great number of charitable, social, health care and arts organizations. She has also helped to steer the Community Foundations of Canada and the International Transatlantic Community Foundation Network, and has fostered numerous local foundations across the country. Generous with her time, she continues to provide leadership to such organizations as Carleton University and the Ottawa School of Art.


Don McKay, C.M.
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Member of the Order of Canada

An acclaimed poet, teacher and editor, Don McKay has made lasting contributions to Canada's literary scene. His writing gives voice to his concern about the environment, creating poignant verse that examines complex social and philosophical themes. As co-founder and editor of Brick Books publishing house, and as editor of The Fiddlehead magazine, he has played an essential role in the Canadian publishing industry and introduced many new compelling works by Canadian poets. A former university professor and a respected mentor, he has had a major influence on many emerging writers and poets across the nation.


K. Alexander Nilsson,C.M.
Creston, British Columbia
Member of the Order of Canada

With vitality and spirit, Alex Nilsson has dedicated a lifetime to helping his fellow citizens in the town of Creston, British Columbia. His leadership and tireless involvement, both as the district environmental health officer for three decades and as a volunteer with a multitude of associations and clubs, have touched every area of the town's life. His dedication and vigour were also manifested on a national scale when he undertook a cross-country journey on roller-skis to raise funds for diabetes research and prevention.


Allison D. O'Brien,C.M.
Barrhead, Alberta
Member of the Order of Canada

A problem solver and consensus builder, Al O'Brien has made important contributions to improving public finance in Canada. For over 35 years, he occupied key posts within the government of Alberta, and played an instrumental role in reducing the province's debt and improving its financial systems. Since retiring, he has continued to work for the benefit of all Canadians as chair of the Federal Expert Panel on Equalization and Territorial Financing, and has held leadership roles with several professional organizations, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta and the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University.


Willie E. O'Ree, C.M., O.N.B.
La Mesa, U.S.A. and Fredericton, New Brunswick
Member of the Order of Canada

Willie O'Ree is a hockey pioneer and dedicated mentor to youth who continues to promote the game in communities across Canada and in the United States. He made history as the first Black man to play in the NHL, and had a successful 20-year career despite an injury that left him blind in one eye. He has gone on to become an ambassador for cultural diversity in the league. As the director of youth development for the NHL, he has helped to establish numerous hockey programs for disadvantaged boys and girls all over North America, and has taught them the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork and commitment.


Lata Pada, C.M.
Mississauga, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

One of Canada's leading performers of South Asian dance, Lata Pada is also a renowned choreographer and teacher. As the founder and artistic director of a dance company and academy, she has created her own style, a blend of Asian traditions and contemporary genres. Her choreography has touched audiences at home and abroad. She has also conducted workshops at universities, and has shared her passion and knowledge with numerous cultural groups, including the Canadian Dance Assembly. In addition, she is highly regarded for her commitment to the Indian community in Canada.


Brian Paisley, C.M.
Victoria, British Columbia
Member of the Order of Canada

Brian Paisley is a cultural visionary who has left an indelible mark on Canadian theatre. A screenwriter and producer, he is best known as the founder of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, a world-renowned event that provides young artists with opportunities to showcase their creativity. The festival has grown from an audience of 7 500 to more than half a million visitors annually, and the concept has spread to nearly every major city in North America. He recently produced the inaugural Victoria International Arts Symposium, and is the founder of the theatre department at Northern Lights College and co-founder of the Chinook Touring Theatre for young audiences.


Douglas Pollard, C.M. (deceased)
Cobalt, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

For more than 50 years, Douglas Pollard was a champion of Northern Ontario's culture and history. The owner of Highway Bookshop, a Cobalt institution, and its affiliated publishing company, he promoted and published countless northern writers, including Native authors writing in their own languages. He also consistently manifested his dedication to and love of the North as a volunteer, helping to lead architectural conservation bodies, as well as business and tourism organizations, among others. In addition, he served the broader literary community as a board member of the Ontario Arts Council and as a member of the committee for the Stephen Leacock award for humour.

 The insignia will be received by his spouse, Mrs. Lois Pollard.

Elinor G. Ratcliffe, C.M., O.N.L.
Kingston, Ontario and St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Member of the Order of Canada

A respected philanthropist, Elinor Gill Ratcliffe has made a difference in the lives of many. Her generous gifts have provided essential support to non-profit organizations such as the Kingston Family YMCA, the YMCA-YWCA of Northeast Avalon, and the community foundations of St. John's and of Kingston. She has assisted countless children through her support of literacy programs and summer camps. Through the Gill Ratcliffe Foundation, she helps to ensure the continuing operation of hundreds of organizations that support education, the arts and families in need.


Angela Rebeiro, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Throughout her life, Angela Rebeiro has tirelessly promoted Canadian playwrights, poets and authors. Involved with the marketing and publishing of Canadian books for more than 40 years, she was most recently the publisher of Playwrights Canada Press. There, she quadrupled sales, dramatically increased the number of playwrights published, and ensured that their work received international exposure. As a volunteer, she has helped to lead countless literary and arts-related organizations. She has been a driving force in the creation of the Word on the Street book and magazine festival, of advocacy groups and of an organization devoted to supporting African-Canadian artists.


Henry A. Regier, C.M.
Elmira, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

A steward of the environment for more than 30 years, Henry Regier has contributed to the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes. Professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, he has studied the dynamics of fish populations and the rehabilitation of degraded aquatic ecosystems. Working with various Great Lakes agencies and institutions, he spearheaded the development and implementation of ecosystem management strategies for these large lake watersheds and their resources. A leader in sustainable development, he has been widely sought after as a consultant by provincial, national and international organizations and governments.


Zachary Richard, C.M.
Louisiana, U.S.A. and Montréal, Quebec
Honorary Member of the Order of Canada

Zachary Richard is one of the most important artists in the North American francophonie. With his music that reflects his Cajun roots, and his moving and spirited lyrics, he has played a key role in strengthening the ties between Cajuns and Acadians by evoking the memory and collective identity they share. He was one of the first musicians to integrate traditional Cajun music into a contemporary musical format. He has recorded albums in English and French, including Cap Enragé, which has become a classic. This ardent defender and promoter of the French language has also increased people's understanding of Cajun and Acadian history and identity, notably through documentaries and the "Cœurs Batailleurs" television series, which he hosted. Committed to preserving the natural environment in Louisiana and New Brunswick, he also generously supports and gives his time to a number of other causes.


The Honourable Edward Roberts, C.M., O.N.L.
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Member of the Order of Canada

Edward Roberts has served as a model of duty, leadership and achievement. A leading cabinet minister under three provincial premiers, he was instrumental in bringing about important reforms in the areas of health, education, social services and government administration. Notably, he oversaw the implementation of the provincial medicare scheme, as well as the creation of a new tertiary care hospital in St. John's and a faculty of medicine at Memorial University. He also served with distinction as lieutenant governor and has been widely lauded for his support of veterans, the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.


Byron P. Rourke, C.M.
Windsor, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Byron Rourke has significantly contributed to the advancement of neuropsychology in Canada for more than 40 years. Professor emeritus and founder of the country's first clinical neuropsychology program at the University of Windsor, he has influenced generations of students and colleagues. He also founded or co-founded several learned journals and served as president of the International Neuropsychological Society. A specialist in child clinical neuropsychology, he has provided important insights into the various dimensions of learning disabilities, and has been a pioneer in the study of non-verbal disabilities.


Donald W. Storch, C.M.
Victoria, British Columbia
Member of the Order of Canada

For the last four decades, Don Storch has been dedicated to helping his fellow citizens, both in his professional and voluntary activities. A versatile and compassionate counsellor, he has helped countless individuals and families in Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria, through his guidance and support. He is also known for his extensive volunteerism with nearly 30 organizations dealing with social welfare, families, law and health care. His involvement has reached across Canada through leadership roles with the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), where he served as a board member as well as provincial and national chair. He is the former chair of the VON Foundation, which raises funds to support this national organization's charitable endeavours.


David Thauberger,C.M.
Regina, Saskatchewan
Member of the Order of Canada

A renowned painter and sculptor, David Thauberger is known across Canada as a pillar of prairie folk art. His iconic paintings of Saskatchewan's "everyday" architecture, such as houses and storefronts, are prized both for their artistic merit and as historical documents of his province's built landscape. Dedicated to ensuring the vitality of his craft, he also actively promotes the work of other Saskatchewan artists through numerous curatorial ventures, and by purchasing their works and donating them to various galleries, public collections and the Canada Council Art Bank. An advocate as well as an artist, he promotes an attitude of open-mindedness and awareness of the international context of art and the place of folk art within it.


Pierre Théroux, C.M.
Montréal, Quebec
Member of the Order of Canada

Pierre Théroux is a notable figure in his field. A cardiologist at the Montréal Heart Institute and professor at the Université de Montréal, he is very dedicated to his patients. He is known for the important breakthroughs he has made in defining the role of heparin and aspirin in the treatment of acute coronary syndromes, including unstable angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. Thanks to his research, new standards have been set for the medical care given to patients in Canada. A leader in the development and implementation of large-scale clinical studies, he has also helped make the Montréal Heart Institute internationally renowned.


Shirley Westeinde, C.M.
Ottawa, Ontario
Member of the Order of Canada

Shirley Westeinde is an exemplary business leader and volunteer. Co-founder and chair of a large construction company, she is also a former chair of the Canadian Construction Association and of the board of governors at Algonquin College. In these roles, she promoted the construction industry as a rewarding career choice for young women, and worked to increase the number of training and employment opportunities for women in the trades. Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she has worked to raise awareness of this syndrome and similar health issues. She gives generously of her time to a host of organizations, including the Ottawa Health Research Institute, Success By 6 and the Shepherds of Good Hope.


Gary Birch, O.C.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Officer of the Order of Canada

His determination and ingenuity have helped countless Canadians with disabilities achieve a higher quality of life. Gary Birch is head of the Neil Squire Society, an organization that develops assistive technology and services for people with physical disabilities. Also an adjunct professor of engineering at the University of British Columbia, he has been called Canada's leading researcher in brain-computer interface techniques. He has dedicated himself to finding solutions to everyday problems confronting those with disabilities. A role model and advocate, he has worked provincially and nationally to champion the issues of accessibility and equal opportunity.


The Honourable Iona Campagnolo, O.C., O.B.C.
Courtenay, British Columbia
Officer of the Order of Canada

Iona Campagnolo is a model of exemplary service for her province and the nation. A proud British Columbian, she has served as a member of Parliament, cabinet minister and, most recently, as the first female lieutenant governor of the province. As well, she continues to give generously of her time, notably in the areas of human rights and the environment. She served as chair of the Fraser Basin Council, as the first chancellor of the University of Northern

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