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Carleton Alumni Win 2010 OCRI Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Courtesy of Carleton University
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April 9th, 2010

(Ottawa) --  Carleton alumni, Muhammad Arsalan and Atif Shamim, won the Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) last evening.

In 2008, they also won the OCRI Student Researcher of the Year Award, making them the only students to have won both awards.

The OCRI Awards gala is the premier awards event for the region's business, research and academic community. This specific award recognizes that the team has taken its "award-winning research to the next level, now in the early stages of commercialization with industry giants lining up as possible suitors."

Before graduating with PhD degrees from Carleton last year, the pair conducted brilliant research that won a string of awards and led to the development of their own business.

Their company VSM Technologies is focused on creating a wearable medical patch which continuously measures vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature and can communicate with medical authorities through Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled personal communication devices. This concept could improve patient safety and reduce the workload in hospital emergency and critical care departments. The patch employs a 3D package that enables wireless circuits to reduce power consumption and help extend battery life that can also be used for wireless devices such as cell phones, GPS and laptops.

The company has two U.S. patents and negotiations are already underway with major companies such as Samsung Electronics, National Semiconductors and RIM.

Engineering Professor Langis Roy, who mentored both former students, says he is delighted that they won this latest award. "The Atif-Arsalalan story is inspirational not only because they themselves are such a success story but because, behind them, is a whole team of supporters - Professors Tarr, Plett, Shams and MacEachern from the Department of Electronics, Luc Lalande and the Foundry Program, and the Research enterprise. Carleton is a great place to do technology-intensive, commercially-relevant, cutting-edge research. Perhaps the best way to sum up their success is with a question: Is VSM another RIM in the making?"

About OCRI:
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