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Here's to you, and here's to me. Here's to hometown pride where ever you may be

Here's to you, and here's to me. Here's to hometown pride where ever you may be

By Chi Lo
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Looking for the Paralympics on TV is like looking for a four leaf clover, but if I cannot follow the Paralympics live and cheer for Canada, am I still classified as a fan?

According to the Oxford University Press, the definition of fanatic (in our context) is, "a person with an obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby."

Enthusiasm, yes; obsessive, not quite. So maybe I wasn't really a "fan" in the first place?

Maybe I'm not such a good fan, but consider this - if someone asked me who my all time favourite Canuck is, the answer would be a cinch: Kirk McLean. But, if you were to ask me who my favourite current Canuck is, I would say the Sedin Twins, and you could ask me, which one? And I would shrugg my shoulders, because shamefully, I can't tell them apart. But a real fan could, you say.

In the day of interactive media and immediacy, you would think that you could watch the Canucks live (i.e. conveniently - sports just aren't good taped), or whenever you want, but it turns out that you need a subscription NHL Game Center Live, essentially pay-per-view on your computer, which you would need to watch games live in Vancouver anyway. You can, however listen the games broadcast on radio, or watch selected videos.

But it's not just NBC, it's other media as well. The Paralympics, unlike the Olympics, don't even make it to the front page of the Province or the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver's local papers. For your Paralympic news, you have to visit www.vancouver2010.com. And as I mentioned before, even CTV is only airing a total of 57 hours of Paralympics coverage. So, is it the big networks that has written our agenda and telling us what to watch (and therefore think about), or is it us, the general public that has not demanded what we want to see?

I may not have the patience to go through all the videos on the Paralympics website, yet, I still wear my Canada gear and my Canucks paraphernalia with immense pride. (A few years ago, I saw someone wearing a Canucks jersey on an escalator in a busy mall in Boston. Positively overjoyed,  I shouted, "Go Canucks!" and we high-fived as we passed on the escalator.) A fan is a fan is a fan, in all shapes in sizes, and unless they are breaking store fronts, or spilling beer all over me, then I say go ahead and be as obsessed or enthusiastic as you want.

Canadian Expat Chi Lo hails from Vancouver. Clich here to visit her blog.

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