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Picture Courtesy of Mike Ridewood COC
Picture Courtesy of Mike Ridewood COC

The Great Canadian Comeback

By Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network
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While things started off slowly for the Canadian athletes at the 2010 Olympic Games, The Canadian Olympic Committee didn't panic. "We stuck to the plan,"comments Steve Keogh, Director of Communications for the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). In the end things things worked out very well as Canada went from never having won a Winter Olympic Gold Medal on home soil, to winning the most Gold medals in any winter Olympics.

While Canada wanted to Own the Podium for total medals, there's no embarrassment over the Gold medal take. The Canadian Government must feel the same way, as they recently announced a $22 million investment to support high performance athletes in both the summer and winter Olympic Programs.

"We're on the right path", Keogh states. "In Beijing, we had a goal of finishing in the top 16th and finished 12th." Other countries no doubt will look at Canada's recent successes in improving their programs.

Keogh's taking some time to relax and spend time with family and "download" recent events. "When you're at the Games, you're so focused and reacting to events. There's really no time to enjoy things."

When asked about where he saw the Sidney Crosby goal to win the Gold Medal, Keogh reminisced that he was at the game. "I sat in the Press section. There was so much collective nervousness after the Parise goal and the place went crazy when Crosby scored," Keogh recalls. That goal not only won Canada the coveted hockey gold medal, but also set the overall Gold medal record.

Keogh will be back at work soon with the new COC President, Marcel Aubut preparing for an Olympic Hall of Fame event, Youth Olympic Games, Pan American Games and 2012 Summer Games in the UK.

Time will tell, where these Games rank in Canada's history.

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