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How long can I wear my mittens for?

How long can I wear my mittens for?

By Chi Lo
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010
On Monday, I was still celebrating, on the inside, if not entirely conspicuously. I am so proud of Vancouver and Canadian successes from the Olympics and want desperately to show my hometown pride, but could that not be likened to a Yankee fan openly gloating the day after they defeated the Red Sox in game 7 of the world series (- for dramatic effect, or more realistically the ALCS)?

But still, the days are long and dreary, and I feel as if I am desperately clinging to a love, a romance that has been whisked away by the wind and will never return.

I stalk the news for any sign of an Olympic heartbeat, as if a glimpse at some coverage would give me life...

These are the headlines I have come up with:
Vancouver shedding much of its Olympic makeover
Will Canada's euphoria last?

Sidney Crosby Loses Some Hometown Love, Also His Gear
Lawyer sounds alarm as 7 Olympics fans seek asylum
When Canadian's act like Americans

O Canada, where's your Olympic modesty?
How Canada Won Me Over
From Vancouver 2010 to London 2012

But it seems that I'm not the only one going through withdrawal - see what David Letterman has to say.

Chi Lo is a Vancouver native who lives in Washington, DC. You can follow her blog at http://athousandkilometers.blogspot.com/2010/02/numbers-round-up.html

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