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Olympics: Numbers Round Up

Olympics: Numbers Round Up

By Chi Lo
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February 26th, 2010

Some may be tiring of all the rah rah surrounding the Olympics, but for me as a spectator, it is much too soon. While the medal count seems ultimately the numbers to watch, and with much speculation about the final number of medals Canadians will get (vs. historic totals & US totals), let us not forget some other important numbers:

3.5 million - red mittens sold since October 2009
1.5 million - red mittens sold since February 2010
$10 - actual cost
$299.99 - cost on eBay

3 official mascots
1 sidekick
40 marmot rights activists marching on behalf of Muk Muk for official mascot status

67.5 million total US viewers for the Opening Ceremonies, the largest ever audience for Olympics held outside the US
47% more viewers than for Turin in 2006
5 million unique visits to NBC's website on Day 1 of the Olympics
469% more than for Turin

8+ hours' wait for the zip line on Robson

33,600 kg (74,075 lbs) - weight of the steel-clad and polycarbonate and furnace glass cauldron (burns natural gas)

10ºC (50ºF) - average temperature for the first week of the Olympics in Vancouver

Chi Lo is a Vancouver native who lives in Washington, DC. You can follow her blog at http://athousandkilometers.blogspot.com/2010/02/numbers-round-up.html

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