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Steve Keogh at the Great Wall of China
Steve Keogh at the Great Wall of China

Back from Beijing, Keogh looks toward Vancouver

Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network

After being in Beijing for almost a month, Olympic Canada's media relations officer, Steve Keogh is back home. While taking a week off after a busy month, Keogh took some time to reflect on the Games in Beijing. In many ways, they were very successful games for Team Canada as they tied their record for the 3rd most medals won at a summer Olympics.

While the end results were pleasing, the nation waited restlessly as the team got off to a slow start. "It was a very intense week", Keogh stated. "There were a lot of media calls,  commenting on the lack of medals. Historically, we begin the Summer Games slowly as our stronger events are generally towards the second half of the Games. The team had to stay patient and have faith in their abilities. These are lifetime athletes who are prepared and very focused for their events."

When asked to comment on a couple of compelling Canadian stories, he mentioned Simon Whitfield who won a silver medal in the triathlon, as well as the gold and silver medals won by the Equestrian team. "Simon ran an incredible race, having won a gold medal 8 years earlier. He appeared to be out of medal contention towards the end ofthe race and then threw his hat down, to symbolize 'let's go". That last move helped him earn a well deserved silver. "On the Equestrian team, Keogh credited Gold Medal winner Eric Lamaze and Ian Miller. Miller who participated in a record tying 9th Olympics joked that he was a 'late bloomer'.

Keogh now turns his attention to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics."This is a tremendous opportunity for Canada and we need to perform well. I'm very excited, but 18 months is short, it feels like a week away," Keogh joked. Asked about the long flight from Beijing and jetlag, Keogh said he felt OK. As a movie buff, it allowed him time to watch 5 movies. Great Games, now it's back to work.

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