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Noa Ronen
Noa Ronen

Transition Part 2: Past? Present? Future? Where are you?

By Noa Ronen

After we got settled in NYC, I felt it is time to go back to the job market and apply for a job that will allow me to do what I did before the move. Resume after resume, rejection after rejection, and then, I had to face the cold truth: no one really cares what I did before I moved to the US.

Reality check #1: I need to get work experience in the US and I need to go to school and learn more. I applied to a special program and found a job that had some of the skills I was looking for in my work, but it wasn't enough.

Reality check #2 I realized that the only way I could ever find a job in what I want to do, and with more responsibilities is if I take a special certification exam.  I signed for preparation courses, set for hours and learned for the exam. I took the certification exam, not once, but twice! and didn't pass. I had my unsuccessful moments before, but that was a devastating moment for me. It felt like I have no options.  Yet, everything shifted for me in that moment.

Pausing and Noticing

Only when I paused with the searching and planning I had the time to experience what I have right here right now, I was able to BE fully present with where I am right now, to explore what opportunities are out there for me and from that space, from this new perspective I was available to create my future vision.  What is more interesting is that in this new perspective I was able to notice all the other components that existed in my life but I was too busy to notice and acknowledge.

That was an A-Ha moment for me: I was too busy planning my future to make sure I can maintain my past in the new situation, but it just didn't work because I was in a new reality.

While coaching my clients I noticed there is something we all share in common, when we are going through a life transition we crave for the past, we want our better yesterday, or the other way around; we picture how things will look like if we will be in our beautiful future, one day, when we will find that perfect lover, or go back to our home country. All those thoughts, emotions and plans make us ignore the most important piece in this puzzle. We are not present in our life.

To be present is with each step you take is to be with what you are noticing, everything is ok, you acknowledge every thought that shows up without thinking if it is good or bad, just noticing and be with the experience without judging the experience or judging yourself. What you have is new way to experience the now. You are more aware.

To practicing being more present you can try these 3 quick steps:

1. Acknowledge your past - Acknowledge what you had in your past, I encourage you to sit and write your story, who were you then?  I believe there are many people out there who would love to read your story (you read mine and loved it) send it to them, or just read it to a close friend.

2. Acknowledge your present -- Sit and write what are you are thankful for in your life right now.  What and who do you want to acknowledge for being part of your life?
Every night before you go to sleep spend few moments to write this list. You will be amazed with all the new things you will notice in your life.

3. Take care of yourself and ask for help and support-- relocation is not an easy experience, connect with people, and ask for help, you don't need to do everything on your own, if needed reach professionals and support your feelings and emotions.


Noa is Life and transition certified coach who works with expats families, expats couples and individuals who are seeking the support and tools to get settled and find their life path in their new situation.  Followed by her own personal experience moving with her family from Israel to Brooklyn, NY and now to Cary, NC, Noa's mission is to support and empower her clients to move from the isolation and grief of transition to a new, creative and hopeful place to recreate their new life path with joy.

Noa brings to her coaching not only her personal experience, but also more than 12 years of her professional experience in Human Resources, Training and Development and Change Management and Training Consulting.

Noa is a mother to 3 kids and a wife to Ofir Ronen. When she is not coaching you would probably find her blogging or writing in one of the Cafes, sipping on a mug of skim cappuccino extra hot, or taking a cardio kickboxing class.

Noa has MBA and is a certified professional Co-Active Coach, (CPCC) from CTI.