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Sentimental Journey: Canadian Canoes to New Orleans to Honor Uncle

You may have heard about this great story on the CBS Morning show or during the Pre game show before the Super Bowl. The story was about Canadian Dominique Liboiron, who wanted to honor his Uncle Mitch who passed away from a massive heart attack when he was 42. To honour his life and to raise awareness about heart disease, Liboiron would carry his Uncle's ashes to New Orleans from Saskatchewan. The interesting aspect of this journey is that it was by canoe, travelling over 3,000 miles through 13 states and 4 major rivers including the mighty Mississippi River.

His uncle discovered the Cajun culture during a past trip to New Orleans and he fell in love with the music, the food and the people. He enjoyed sharing his keen interest of Louisiana's heritage and this is one of the reasons Liboiron chose New Orleans as his destination.

He left Saskatchewan on June 8th, 2012 not knowing that arrival to New Orleans would occur during the week of the Super Bowl.

Website honoring Uncle Mitch