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Project: The Globe and Mail's U.S. Election 2012

Project: The Globe and Mail's U.S. Election 2012

From Affan Chowdhry, Globe & Mail

My name is Affan Chowdhry and I work as a multimedia foreign news reporter at the Globe and Mail in Toronto, Canada. Our newspaper - in print and online - is gearing up for a busy period leading up to the U.S. presidential election. On July 4th this year, we launched an exciting new project and we are looking to spread the word.

The Globe and Mail's U.S. Election 2012: Canadians in America series puts our audience front and centre in our ongoing coverage of this pivotal election year.

We believe our readers in the U.S. - often Canadians who have made their home there, pursuing careers, relationships, raising families - provide an interesting lens through which to view key themes and issues. We look to them to reflect on life and politics in the U.S. and to help explain what is at stake.

We'd love to invite members of the Canadian Expat Network to explore our interactive and read the profiles, watch the videos and share on Facebook and Twitter the stories of the 12 Canadian expats that we have featured: tgam.ca/globe-expats.

Online readers can also send questions for this group of expats. And we would love to get some feedback from your members about our project and election year stories they think we should be covering. They can write our community editor for news, Chris Hannay: channay@globeandmail.com or Affan Chowdhry: achowdhry@globeandmail.com


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