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Doug Bennett on SEUS-CP Business Matchmaking

Doug Bennett on SEUS-CP Business Matchmaking

By Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network

Doug Bennett is the head of business matchmaking at the SEUS-CP Conference.


"We've been providing business matchmaking services for four years since the SEUS- CP event in Newfoundland.


This year has gone very well and we've estimated about 250 business to business meetings at the Conference. Over the course of those four years, there have been many repeat companies which enhance the relationship process, creates business development opportunities and helps grow their support networks.

Additionally, by coming to the SEUS-CP regularly, they better understand the process, know how to better leverage the company profiles and generally have more effective meetings. We're also able to talk to them to get a better feel of what they're looking for.


The additional value at the Conference comes from very interesting and educational panel discussions as well as access to high level politicians.


From a vertical perspective, there is a strong presence from advanced manufacturing and we've seen quite a bit of interest in marine technologies and shipbuilding.


I find these opportunities are great for small and medium size businesses, because you really get to talk to the decision makers. You don't have to go through three layers. For the larger companies, you're generally talking to procurement officers.


Another interesting observation is that while there have been deals done between States and Provinces over the last 5 years, we've also seen relationships formed by companies in the same regions. They may not have known much about each other and end up having valuable discussions at the SEUS-CP meetings. I find that a fascinating thing about this event."