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Canadian Wealth Management Firm Creates Partnership with Non-profit Business Council in California to Foster Growth Opportunities within the U.S. and Canada

The Canada California Business Council and Cardinal Point Wealth Management have announced a new partnership. The details include the addition of Cardinal Point Wealth Management as a Charter Member of the Council and the appointment of CEO, James Sheldon, to the Advisory Board. The alliance will help Cardinal Point Wealth Management increase their footprint in California while continuing to support Canadian and American investment interests on both sides of the border.

"The Canada California Business Council is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Cardinal Point Wealth Management" Lee Fraser, President of the Canada California Business Council stated. "Cardinal Point has an office in Irvine, CA and many of our best partners will become their best partners. We look forward to growing together."

Cardinal Point Wealth Management is based in Toronto, Canada and has offices in the United States in Boca Raton, Florida and Irvine, California. It is an independent cross-border wealth management firm created to service the sophisticated needs of high net worth individuals and entities in both Canada and the United States. Cardinal Point's unique platform provides holistic investment oversight, cross border transition strategies and financial planning solutions, all while working under the fiduciary standard.

The Canada California Business Council is a non-profit organization 501(c)(6). The organization is committed to connecting bi-lateral opportunities that will result in new job creation, increased foreign direct investment and increased trade. The council seeks to achieve these goals by facilitating local business acceleration, economic development and networking opportunities for all Canada-California stakeholders.

To become a partner in the Canada California Business Council or for more information please visit http://www.cabusinesscouncil.com.