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Mylene Forget
Mylene Forget

Canadian Expat Profile: Mylene Forget

By Mylene Forget

I'm a Canadian girl loving life in South Florida! I moved to the US with my parents in 2000 and played high school and college golf here. I grew up partly in Montreal and the Bahamas which is where I learned to play golf at the early age of 11. I loved it from the very first time my dad brought me to the golf course. I played for the Bahamian National team as a Junior and we decided to make the move to Florida so I could pursue my dream of becoming a professional golfer.

My senior year of college in 2007,  I unfortunately got into a bad car accident where I injured my neck. I needed several procedures and surgeries and because of the lack of range of motion I have now it is very difficult for me to play consistently without pain. So I decided that I would try to give back to the sport that taught me so much. I started teaching in my summers in College and realized that I had a passion for helping people play the game. I really enjoyed learning how to work with people and learning everything about the swing. It's funny when you play you think you know so much about your swing but teaching has taught me so much. I was very fortunate to have worked with Jim McLean in my career and this gave me the opportunity to start teaching for his Academy in Weston and Doral. He was a great mentor for me. I did my Internship, Assistantship and became a Teaching Professional through his school and teaching methods. Once his school moved I started to teach for the PGA Tour Academy. This was also a great opportunity and I had the chance to really develop more of a consistent student base at this point. I then became in charge of the Junior program at Weston Hills and decided that working with junior golfers was what I was really the most passionate about. Junior golfers are like sponges and it is such a great opportunity for me to not only teach them about golf but themselves as well because after all golf teaches you so much about yourself. Your only opponent is yourself. When the Tour Academy left Weston I wanted to keep my students and stay in town so I became an Independent Contractor where I am now the lead Instructor at Weston Hills and still in charge of different programs like the Junior program.

I am in the process of writing my own book about Beginner Golf and am very excited for it to be ready. I really feel that this book will help new golfers feel more secure on the course by learning in a "fun" way everything they will need to know before stepping out to the club. I also have a great passion for staying fit and healthy and I believe that to be a great golfer, this is crucial so I have developed a workout program to help train my students in the gym as well as on the driving range. You can find my helpful tips on my upcoming Twitter page next month as well as my Facebook page @mylenegolfit.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the tee!