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Canadian Expats living in the U.S.

Canadian Expats living in the U.S.

Sean Mitton, Canadian Expat Network
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What do we know about Canadian expats living in the U.S.?

To shed a little light on the subject, here are a few things I found during my research that I thought I'd share.

Not surprising is that the top 5 States representing Canadian expats according to U.S. Immigration include:

• California
• New York
• Florida
• Michigan
• Texas

While a fair number of people have permanent residence, here's a representation of some of the temporary visas that Canadian expats  used based on U.S. visa figures from 2005:

• NAFTA Workers (TN): 87,755
• Intra-company transfers (L1): 16,569
• Workers with Specialty Occupations (H1B): 24,086

Also, you may be interested to know the demographic breakout based on non-immigrant data from 2005.

• Ages 20-24: 10%
• Ages 25-34: 32%
• Ages 35-44: 26%
• Ages 45-64: 20%

There's a strong chance that your fellow expats may live in your state, be an alumnus of your school, work in your industry, cheer for your team or drink your favourite beverage. You'll have a chance to meet and interact with them thru the Canadian Expat Network.

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