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Startup Canada Beta Site is Live Building an Entrepreneurial Future Together

Startup Canada Beta Site is Live Building an Entrepreneurial Future Together

Courtesy of Victoria Lennox

Startup Canada is pleased to announce that its beta site is now live at www.startupcan.ca. This online action centre will provide the Canadian entrepreneurship community with an interactive, dynamic and viral platform to voice their views on how we can come together to better support Canadian entrepreneurs.

This beta site is the result of nine months of synchronized efforts by a passionate community of over 250 entrepreneurial volunteers connected through online and virtual channels across the country.

Startup Canada's goal between now and December 2012 is to fuel a groundswell, grassroots, entrepreneur-led movement to bring together Canada's entire entrepreneurship community to create a shared vision for the future, and an action plan for change. The beta site is the first step on our path to success.

The Speakers Corner, ideasWiKi, and Idea Loop features of the site, along with active and growing communities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, will provide Canadian entrepreneurs with a platform to contribute innovative ideas on how to 'Start Up Canada' that will feed into the action plan moving forward.  Other site highlights include a DailyWiRE, Weekly Update, and NewsRoom that will keep the community constantly informed and engaged.

The Startup Canada Blog is also fueled by 14 of Canada's most influential bloggers on entrepreneurship and the site itself will provide the community with the support, tools and resources it needs to fuel the movement, celebrate entrepreneurship and get involved.

As of next week, the Startup Canada beta site is also the home to the evolving 2012 National Tour Program, which launches later this month.

As a start-up itself, Startup Canada will continually strive over the coming weeks and months, to add more features, information and dynamic multi-media elements that will enable more than 1 million Canadian entrepreneurs to express their collective voice. We can't wait to see what ideas, stories and expertise they will contribute, and what action plans they will forge to achieve their shared vision.

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