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Step out of your Comfort Zone!!

Step out of your Comfort Zone!!

By Helena Nyman
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What could you have done, what could you have been, what could you have seen?

Many people seek opportunities and options. They will wait for them. They will watch them come--and they will watch them go. And someday they will remember those options with regret in their voice. But at least they were safe. They did not stumble, they did not fall, they were not bruised.

And then there will be other people who seek out the options. They wait for them. They watch them come and they hold their breath and jump. And it is exhilarating, no matter whether they land on their feet or on their head. Because when you believe and jump, you learn the true meaning of faith.

You learn to trust in life and the process instead of yourself and your mind. And once you reach that place ... your options and possibilities are limitless.
Your Action Steps:

Think about your life and the options, dreams and possibilities you have sought out. Have you hunted for something, only to retreat when it landed on your doorstep? We can only learn and become more by going to a place where we don't know and we have room to become.

Columbus couldn't have discovered the world if he only looked in his backyard. Where are your options taking you? What land are you being called to discover? What will you do about it? Will you live your story, or will you tell a story of regret?

Your affirmation:

I step outside of my comfort zone and into life, and I love every minute of it!

Helena Nyman, Certified Success/Life Coach and Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. Helena grew up in Switzerland where she worked with World and Olympic athletes and moved in 1994 to Canada where she worked with top athletes in the Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie, ON, together with the legendary coach Doug Leigh (former Coach of Elvis Stojko and Brian Orser) and with Louis Stong at the Center of Excellence in Toronto. In 1999, she moved to the USA where she still coaches some figure skaters and hockey players -- a passion and balance she keeps in her life.

To sign up for Helena's weekly Motivational Newsletter, visit: www.HelenaNyman.com , or for her bi-weekly Executive News, visit: www.TheBalancedExecutive.com. To contact Helena by e-mail, write to: Nyman@consultant.com.

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