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Thanks from the Terry Fox Run in NYC

By Thomas Madden
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A big thanks to everyone that volunteered!

So far we have raised more than $177,000 and are hoping to pass the $200,000 mark before our fund-raising from the 2011 Run is complete.Final tallies are in and we had more than 2,500 participants this year. This is the biggest run so far.

We could not put on this race without the support of our volunteers.

If you did not see this one the facebook page - the money that is rasied by TFRNYC goes directly to supporting the research by Dr. Brentjens.

Exciting breakthrough results through your fundraising efforts:

The hard working volunteers and participants of the annual Terry Fox Run in NY should be congratulated! The research conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering by Dr. Renier Brentjens directly supported by contributions raised by the Terry Fox Run has recently yielded very promising clinical results in patients with B cell cancers. The work pioneered at MSKCC using gene therapy techniques has resulted in profoundly promising results in patients with advanced non-Hodgkins lymohomas, chronic lymphocytic leukemias, and acute lymphoblastic leukemias. Your hard work and commitment is yielding a tangible difference in the lives of cancer patients providing hope and perhaps ultimately a cure.


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